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2014 ISMRM 義大利米蘭我們來了!

ISMRM 2014




其中 詹博翔將進行口頭論文發表。

1.  Syue-Yu Jhang, Teng-Yi Huang “Noise reduction in CP-SSFP myocardial BOLD images: deformable image registration and temporal averaging”

2.  Yu-Sheng Tseng, Teng-Yi Huang, Yi-Jui Liu, Yi-Ru Lin, Shang-Yueh Tsai “Functional connectivity of default mode network is underestimated due to signal loss in parahippocampal regions and its remedy”

3. Shang-Yi Yang, Chi-Wei Liang, Hsiao-Hui Huang, Shang-Yueh Tsai, Teng-Yi Huang “Noncontact physiological measurements using video recording inside an MRI scanner”

4. Po-Hsiang Chang, Yu-Sheng Tseng, Chun-jung Chen, Tzu-Chao Chuang, Teng-Yi Huang “Multimodal imaging classification of ADHD: brain functional connectivity and cortical thickness” (Oral Presentation)

5. Yu-Chen Tsai, Teng-Yi Huang “Free-breathing abdominal IVIM imaging”


ISMRM 2010 斯德哥爾摩我們來了!




Accelerating phase modulation for correcting EPI geometry distortion by modern GPGPU parallel computation


Accelerating the image registration of MRI volumes by modern GPGPU parallel computation

The inter-scan variations of flow quantifications on human basilar artery: A study controlled the scan conditions with automatic slice positioning and the automatic lumen-area segmentation


Automatic Compensation of Susceptibility-Induced Signal losses in EPI: A Real-time Feedback Optimization Framework




Simultaneous Monitoring of Temperature and Magnetization Transfer during HIFU Transmission: in vivo rabbit  investigations

Three-slice MR pre-treatment temperature mapping and spherical model  estimation for accurate localization of the heating focus before  high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment



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